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Expressions in Gold Custom Jewelry and Engraving

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I was born and raised in Los Angeles, Calif. At age 16, accompanied by my mother, I began my education in the arts with a 10-week tour of the finest museums in Europe and the Soviet Union. In my senior year of high school, I took my first jewelry class. At 18, I spent seven months abroad, this time exploring Northern Africa. The exposure to the Arabic culture and ancient Roman art broadened my horizons. Seeing the finest art in the world and visiting the places where it was created was the best education I could get.

After this trip, I returned to the University of California in Los Angeles, where I majored in French and minored in art. During my junior year, I studied as a member of the California Student Abroad program at the University of Aix-en-Provence in southern France. I finished my education at the University of California at Santa Barbara. With the help of my friends, I learned to make a wide variety of items.

Six years at beach shows and art fairs from San Diego to Seattle, and going to the harvest festivals and Renaissance fairs in Minnesota and Texas, paved my way to Idaho. I came to stay for two weeks and fell in love with its beauty. I found a 100-year-old log house in an old mining town, Triumph, Idaho. With my trusty companion of 11 years -- my dog, Enoue -- I settled down to life in the mountains. Since 1977, I have been going to fairs in Idaho City, Stanley, Sun Valley, Elkhorn, Boise, Jackson Hole, Missoula, and the Pacific Northwest, all to promote my work.

In 1979, I attended diamond appraisal and setting courses at the Gemological Institute of America in Santa Monica, Calif. My first gallery was in Hailey, Idaho.Now I'm at 260 N. Main in Ketchum, and I hope you'll come by and see a collection of my work.

My work is unique. Carving is my best talent, transforming a simple block of wax into the most intricate designs, which I cast in gold and silver. My husband, Mike, works with me.

My style has a fluid quality combining flowing lines in sculptural balance. I try to make them as technically perfect as possible so that each piece has a quality that can be handed down from one generation to another. I like working with a wide variety of metals, gems, and semi-precious stones. Custom orders are my favorite challenge.

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