LS-90 Costs And Ordering Information

LS-90 is extremely cost effective in gallon units. Each gallon will cover 128 acres (and reduce your other application costs by at least 50%). If you are using LS-90 in the production of livestock, please tell us what your are raising so we can advise the proper amount to use. Interesting enough, horses use different amounts than cows and sheep so we need to know how you intend to use it. Even dairy and beef cows use different amounts. Following are prices for different quantities.

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$ 12.95 - Four ounce bottle of LS-90 concentrate. This sampler is a good way to experiment on up to four acres or in your garden. We offer a money back guarantee on our sampler. That's how much we believe in our product and this sampler will help you believe too. You have nothing to lose (except postage) and so much to gain by trying our LS-90 Advantage.

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$ 69.95 - 32 ounce bottle. Good starter for livestock or small acreage (32 acres).

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$180.00 - One gallon. Enough to cover 128 acres or treat 32,000 gallons of water for dairy cows. At $60/acre for fertilizers and other input costs, 50 acres would cost you $3,000.00. Using LS-90, you would save $30/acre less the cost of the LS-90 at $1.80 per acre.

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$150.00 - Case Lot. (4, 8, 12, or 16) gallons of LS-90. The most economical for larger livestock, farming, or combined operations and usage.

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$9.95 - Four ounce tube - LS-90 based Gel for topical use.

$160.00 - One gallon - LS-90 based Gel for topical use.

Shipping costs will be added to all orders.

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I'm working on an order form, but until it is completed, please e-mail me with your order and/or answer your questions (If you are in the U.S.A.).

or e-mail me at: Make An Order

Or FAX or CAll:
(208) 788-3917
FAX: (208) 788-2012

Or "snail mail" To:

Mark Cook
Ag Advantage
P.O. Box 1739
Hailey, ID 83333

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