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Since 1996 Symbiotic Systems, Inc. has been dedicated to creating, finding and distributing “alternative products” which are designed to enhance your life. Some products produce a cost savings when used which makes them an excellent investment rather than an expense. Many of our products deal with health issues, but not all.

Do you have unique formations building up on your faucets and minerals clogging your pipes,
we can fix that with our magnetic water conditioning system we've sold
with a money back guarantee for nine years now.
And... it is a no bones about it money saving investment.

We firmly believe that there is a greater knowledge in this world and search the world to bring this knowledge to you. Some information presented is pure knowledge, we don’t sell a product associated with the knowledge, but feel it this is information you can use.

We are not doctors. We are information junkies who have a particular interest
in natural and/or “alternative” solutions for human ailments/problems.

And then we back all our products/solutions with a 30 day money back guarantee.

We believe that the term “alternative” should be applied to drugs rather than natural treatments. We feel that natural treatments should be your first option or line of defense before using any drugs which may produce profound side effects. Prevention is paramount to good health. Further, we believe that natural treatments are best utilized in addition to the western approach to medicine. Knowledge is a tool and it would be foolish to ignore the benefits each approach offers.

When we are talking about personal health,
our philosophy is; whatever works (and proven safe).

Please Note: All replies to e-mail queries, as well as any information on this website,
are not intended as substitutes for diagnosis and treatment
by a qualified, licensed professional.

The products we sell have long histories of effectiveness. If you have a chronic condition, we recommend you start a crusade to find health care providers of all types specializing in your condition and learn what you can from this site and others. Don’t be satisfied with what’s available in your town. If you are reading this, you have access to all the knowledge in the world. You can easily verify most of the information contained on this site and we encourage you to do so.

Willard Water - The Foundation

Here you’ll discover what "60 Minutes" called "Doc Willard’s Wonder Water". A very powerful antioxident. This is the reason we are here. This amazing concentrate is our featured product and should be used in conjunction with everything else we sell to build a healthy foundation. Willard Water concentrate creates a more activated form of water that has so many positive effects, you can use it for almost anything. Of primary importance is Willard Water’s ability to make other substances work better. Follow this link to discover the wonders of "Willard Water".

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Magnetic Magic Water Conditioning System

There are a number of health benefits to drinking magnetized water, but to many people, this is a secondary benefit. Most purchase these space age magnets to save money by saving their home from the effects of hard water which destroys appliances and creates corrosion on fixtures. The savings you'll realize on your water heating bill alone will pay for this beneficial application within a year. Follow this link to discover the wonders of Magnetic Magic.

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DHEA & Melatonin

A good nights sleep is essential to good health and yet a vast amount of people suffer from insomnia every night. Melatonin is a natural way to get a good nights rest. DHEA has been called the "fountain of youth hormone". However, many people are simply using DHEA to lose weight. Both of these products have been extensively reported on in the media. I’m sure you will have heard these names, follow this link to learn more about what DHEA & Melatonin can do for you.

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If you are a farmer or rancher, you’ll want to visit Ag Advantage. Ag Advantage stands for "A Great Advantage". One product, 12 U.S. Patents for uses in agriculture. LS-90 can make a dramatic improvement in your bottom line at a cost of about US1.75 an acre.

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Idaho Central Reservations is an ever evolving city by city travel directory for the State of Idaho. Detailed information is presented by businesses encouraging you to visit their establishment prior to and during your visit to Idaho. Travel from city to city is just a click away. Come plan your trip with the fine establishments listing their products and services.

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Our Public Service

Our National Debt. Current and to the penny as of the moment you visit. In September 1996, the US national debt went past $5 TRILLION for the first time ever. This should concern you. Take a moment to visit. It's very eye opening. Make note of the dollar amount and hit reload. Watch how much our debt goes up in the time it took you to hit reload!

As a nation, we owed:

$5,193,289,504,811.98 as of 7:10 p.m. on September 23, 1996.
$5,346,464,964,281.64 as of February 28, 1997
$5,462,624,123,747.44 as of December 4, 1997.
$5,531,660,484,841.88 as of March 24, 1998
$5,719,424,838,725.42 as of August 29,2001 (About two weeks before 9/11)
$6,874,577,948, 531.60 as of November 11, 2003 at 11:42 p.m. GMT
$6,874,597,706,207.99 as of November 12, 2003 at 12:00:13 a.m. GMT (18 minutes time difference)

$7,441,543,658,872.86 as of October 28, 2004 at 2:04 p.m. GMT growing at $1.67 billion per day since September 30, 2003!

Your debt was growing at $706 million a day on February 28, 1997. August 29, 2001 the debt really started to climb rapidly. News is, the "tax relief" check President Bush gave us put us back in the hole. We, as a nation would have saved way more, if he just would have paid down the debt. You still need to contact your representatives and tell them it's your money! They need to spend it wisely!

The war on terror has become a war on the U.S. Taxpayer with Halliburton
earning a cut of every dollar they spend. The more they spend, the more they make. It isn't right.


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All our products come with a 30 day money back guarantee.

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Thank you for visiting our site.
I hope we can help you soon!

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