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Getting around the Sun Valley Area is easy. Sun Valley and Ketchum are only a mile apart and in the summer, it makes for a enjoyable walk. If you prefer not to walk, KART, the local bus system, operates twice an hour and itís free. Once you understand the schedule, which isnít difficult, youíll be traveling around town easily. Most hotels are on the KART routes and hardly anything is farther than a couple of blocks away. In Sun Valley, youíll enjoy a rich selection of over sixty restaurants, a number of lively night spots, shops of every description and following are a selection of the best. If you want to get to World Famous Hailey, Idaho down the road, you'll need to take a taxi.

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Click on the link to discover more information about these fine companies

Visit Expressions In Gold during your visit to Sun Valley to find the finest in gold and diamond jewelry. Custom orders are our specialty.

Visit Good For You! Actually, a cyber business based in the Sun Valley Area, "Good For You!" features a number of unusual products which reflect the name of the company. Well worth a visit.

Sun Valley, Idaho is an excellent place to live. Jim Kuehn at Evergreen Land Co. can help you with all your Real Estate needs. A long time resident and Ski Patrolman, Jim is a good person to know.

Visit The Hailey Farmerís Market On-line. Soon you'll be able to purchase farm fresh food for your family or restaurant right on-line. See what we have to offer this week.

Call Town & Country Tours for the finest sightseeing tours this side of the Mississippi.

Another beautiful day in Sun Valley


Chandlers - Creative American Cuisine, Trail Creek Village - (208) 726-1776

Something Special - Seasonal Menu Changes, 5th & Washington - (208) 726-7247

Sawtooth Club - Natural Mesquite Wood Cooking, you can't miss it! - (208) 726-5233

Ketchum?  Hell, I can't even find them :)

Sport Equipment Rental

Paul Kenny's Ski & Sports - (208) 726-7474

The Elephant's Perch - The best in X-C rentals and other equipment. (208) 726-3497

The Board Bin - (208) 726-1222

Sturtevants of Sun Valley - (208) 726-4501

Silver Creek Outfitters - (208) 726-5282

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Other places you might want to visit

F-Stop Film Processing - You don't need to wait for your pictures. Under the clock tower on Sun Valley Road.

Topnotch Fine Furnishings - (208) 726-7797

Charles Stuhlberg Fine Furnishings - (208) 726-4568

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