In April of 1995, I watered two of these three plants with one application of LS-90. This is what they looked like then. All about the same size.

The plant looked like this in March

About a month later. Can you tell from the following picture which two received the LS-90 application? The Patent information holds the clues.

The same plant in May

Hint: The slats on the house are 10" high. Note the left side of the greenery. Same species, only the two LS-90 treated plants are really taking off.

This next image is of my tulips. I only used LS-90 on a few plants to set up this picture earlier in the year. Again, the slats on the house are 10" high.

Check out these tulips!

This is what I am talking about when I call it "The LS-90 Advantage". They are the same tulip species, only the LS-90 treated plants are much larger. If your crop experienced similar results to these two "experiments" I set up to get these pictures, how would that effect your profits?

The Patents say "yields are higher in instances where the plants are grown commercially for food or fiber". The pictures above show increased growth but setting up a test field or plot is the best way to prove the LS-90 Advantage to yourself. The test doesn't need to be extensive. Just one area treated with LS-90 and the other without. You don't need to justify the results to anyone but yourself. We're confident that once you see the LS-90 difference you'll choose to apply LS-90 to all your fields and a test plot is a great, inexpensive way to get started. You can even do a test plot with your house plants over the winter!

At Last! - My frost pictures showing my potato patch which survived a killing frost and four nights of below freezing tempatures in early September. The patents say LS-90 treated plants are "more resistant to adverse environmental conditions". My potato patch proved that to me with no doubts. The untreated patch died. The LS-90 side survived to produce a greater yield.

LS-90 treated spuds survived heave frost

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