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Insuladd. Imagine paint that can insulate. Just two coats of light colored paint gives you R-20. Follow this link and that's what you will discover. Another excellent money saving Symbiotic Systems, Inc. product.

Ag Advantage. If you are a farmer or rancher, you’ll want to visit. Ag Advantage stands for "A Great Advantage". One product, 12 U.S. Patents for uses in agriculture. LS-90 can make a dramatic improvement in your bottom line at a cost of about US1.75 an acre.

Symbiotic Systems, Inc. offers a number of unique products designed to improve your life. They will either save you money or enhance your health under the heading, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Featuring "Real Willard Water"; the foundation for good health, Magnetic Magic Water Softening which save you money, Lice RX: a non-toxic alternative to poison based head lice products and other good things for you.

Idaho Central Reservations is an ever evolving city by city travel directory for the State of Idaho. Detailed information is presented by businesses encouraging you to visit their establishment prior to and during your visit to Idaho. Travel from city to city is just a click away. Come plan your trip with the fine establishments listing their products and services.

Our National Debt. Current and to the penny as of the moment you visit. In September 1996, the US national debt went past $5 TRILLION for the first time ever. This should concern you. Take a moment to visit. It's very eye opening. Make note of the dollar amount and hit reload. Watch how much our debt goes up in the time it took you to hit reload!

As a nation, we owed:

$5,193,289,504,811.98 as of 7:10 p.m. on September 23, 1996.
$5,346,464,964,281.64 as of February 28, 1997
$5,462,624,123,747.44 as of December 4, 1997.
$5,531,660,484,841.88 as of March 24, 1998

$5,719,424,838,725.42 as of August 29,2001 Your debt was growing at $706 million on February 28, 1997. Today, August 29, the debt is going to start to climb rapidly. News is, the "tax relief" check President Bush gave us put us back in the hole. We, as a nation would have saved way more, if he just would have paid down the debt. But then again, how could he pay off the credit card companies and banks if he did that. You still need to contact your representatives and tell them it's your money! No more pork! We'll keep you advised.

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USA Online Need to find a business. Find it here.

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