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I don't need to tell you that it's getting harder and harder to afford to farm or ranch. Farmers today face many challenges to making a profit. Our patented "LS-90" is a water conditioning agent which offers farmers a great advantage by reducing input costs 25 to 50 percent. LS-90 works as a catalyst (or booster) to whatever you are applying to the field among other things. Ranchers use LS-90 to treat everything from water belly to environmental stress. LS-90 has been granted a number of U.S. Patents for uses on plants, livestock and poultry. Most would consider the patents to affirm these very beneficial qualities. Please take a moment to review the patent information, I'm sure you'll find the information quite interesting and useful. Then put LS-90 to the test in your own operation. Most inputs cost you money, only LS-90 will save you money.

Because LS-90 is a water conditioning agent, it affords you many useful applications. Congress has caused major changes in the agricultural industry. LS-90 will help you to lower input costs and increase profits. We encourage you to discover the LS-90 Advantage for yourself.

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LS-90 In The Production Of Plants And Crops
LS-90 In The Production Of Livestock
LS-90 In The Production Of Poultry
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