LS-90 In The Production of Livestock

LS-90 has existed for about 30 years. Thousands of people have used it in a variety of livestock and crop applications. In almost all cases, the users have been practical farmers, ranchers, gardeners, etc., who, knowing the water was beneficial and inexpensive, have simply gone ahead and used it. They have typically not kept accurate records or formally verified the results by "using controls".. leaving a portion of their cornfield, garden, dairy herd, etc., untreated. There has been no extensive, formal, scientific research on LS-90 due to the cost (our product is very inexpensive) and no sponsors have stepped up to fund the bill. Only the Patented uses of LS-90 have been proven.

As a result, there is little "hard data" about the water's performance on almost anything. We have attempted to pull together and communicate whatever information does exist and make it available to interested users of our product (and will be revising and updating as fast as we can). The company makes no claims for the scientific reliability of the information, but it is believed by the company to be correct and true.

Persons have usually begun using LS-90 with very little information about it. It is so obviously "harmless at worst", so low in cost, and the potential benefits are so great, that they are more than willing to do some "pioneering".

We want to thank those users of LS-90 who have made their experiences available and urge others to do the same. In the absence of "hard data", your experiences help others who discover the LS-90 Advantage after you.

We recommend you start with the Patent information to see what LS-90 is proven to do.

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