LS-90 And Your Crops

Sooner or later, I expect LS-90 to be routinely used by practically every farmer. However, at this time it is still a fairly well-kept secret, because it's only sold as a water conditioner and hasn't been promoted for its reported "enhancement" capabilities due to the lack of standardized, controlled tests for those uses. But, given the Patents on LS-90 and the experiences of many farmers who didn't care about the lack of testing, I think LS-90 is going to prove itself quite nicely when combined with precision farming methods.

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Now that you know what I think, let's show you why I think this.

Photos Taken In The Spring
What Is LS-90?
U.S. Patents Relating To Plants And Crops
Frequently Asked Questions
Livestock Home Page
Ag Advantage Home Page
Costs and Ordering Information

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