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I've heard Willard Water can do just about anything, is that true?

Of course not, but we can understand why people might leap to that conclusion. Willard Water is really water that has been altered by the addition of the patented catalyst micelle. It is mixed one ounce of Willard Water concentrate to one gallon of high quality (preferably filtered) water. Some unusual characteristics are the result, and they explain why it seems to be so flexible in its uses even though it is really only doing a few things, those few things can impact a great number of other things. . .

The "few things" that it seems to do as a result of its unusual characteristics include its apparent effect of reducing stress or, as Dr. Willard explained, "it takes an organism under stress and helps it to return to its normal state." A plant suffering from lack of water is under stress. Drought-stricken plants treated with the water have done much better than untreated plants under the same conditions. Returning an organism to normal seems to be connected to the water's apparent property of stimulating an organism's natural defense mechanism(s).

People often tell us that they don't feel as nervous, or they sleep better, or they deal with stress better, when they are using the water. That's a very subjective thing and it often seems like the sort of thing that might be "in someone's head." However, a big poultry operation in Canada once tested the water on some of its birds, and found out something pretty amazing. . . the operation was equipped with alarm systems set to go off if the birds "got too quite" (the systems are there because chickens are actually quite active creatures pecking at each other, moving around and "acting nervous." If they ever stop doing that, it is usually because they're in trouble, i.e. suffocating. Hence the producer wants and needs to know if the chickens become uncharacteristically quiet.). The amazing thing that happened was that the alarm system in the house with the Willard Water-treated birds kept going off when there was nothing wrong the birds were fine, but they were quiet and calm the Willard Water apparently calmed them down. . . and we seriously doubt that it was working in the chickens' heads!!

As far as Willard Water relates to health issues. . . a great many people believe that two basic reasons for "poor" health are:

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The body contains too much of something; typically various pollutants or waste products, and/or. . . The body contains too little of some good things; specifically various nutrients, trace minerals, enzymes, etc.

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If this is true, it could help explain some of the reported benefits of Willard Water. Another apparent property of the water is to boost an organism's assimilation of nutrients. Willard Water seems to break down some nutrients into much finer particles than what the regular water in the body can, and therefore a greater percentage of the nutrients, vitamins and minerals are taken in. The Willard Water also seems to break down waste materials and toxins in the body, which should be removed from the body.

Another characteristic of this altered water is that it appears to work as an anti-oxidant. And, beyond that, it appears to be a scavenger of free radicals (not all anti-oxidants are such scavengers). Free radicals act like toxins in the system. Free radicals are created by such things as radiation, rancid fats, and the high temperature of burning cigarettes.

According to Dr. Willard, the antioxidant properties have been tested by reputable laboratories. One such test was done by treating hay with the Water in the fall, leaving the hay through the winter, and then testing the carotene (precursor of Vitamin A) level in the spring. The treated hay retained an amazingly high level of carotene over those months with the only reasonable explanation being that the oxidation was greatly slowed down by the Water.

(See Antioxidant page for detailed information.)

Another characteristic of the altered water is that it seems to reduce swelling. It apparently assists in some way the pumping of the fluid away from a damaged area, which then reduces the swelling. (Swelling occurs when physical damage is done to the system, resulting in the flow of liquid into the damaged area and restricting the normal flow away from the area.)

Although being a skin conditioner doesn't seem to be a technical characteristic of the altered water, but more specifically a general use or common report, it seems to work as well on the skin. User reports indicate that the water seems to positively affect skin problems of nearly any kind.

Okay, its got all those unusual characteristics. . . what's it actually good for or used for?

Well, it seems to be used for just about everything. We've often said its uses seem to be limited only by the imagination of the people using it! Actually, that seems to be true. It can't hurt anything, and people tell us some of the most amazing things that they've done with it. It's perfectly safe. Countless people report beneficial health results that they attribute to their use of Willard Water; farmers tell us they're convinced it resulted in better yields and less expense and less harmful chemicals being needed on their crops; veterinarians tell us they believe it's been beneficial to large and small animals they've used it on; ranchers swear by it; and we, ourselves, would never think of being left without it.

There are no scientific studies that prove any of this. . . that is to say, there are no "efficacy tests" that have proven it to be effective for the cure, treatment, or mitigation of any disease in man or animal (except for the patents which just prove it works). And there are also no such tests proving it to be effective for any crop or livestock uses (except for the patents). However, human, animal, and crop uses are allowed by the FDA and USDA because it is known that the product is absolutely safe and no "claims" are made for it, since no such "claims" have been proven by the standard tests for them. The fact is, those standard efficacy tests have simply not been done that is why the proof is lacking, not that they've been done and the product failed to pass. The tests have just not been done.

As to the types of benefits we most often hear reported, the list of perceived human and animal health benefits covers about every problem/symptom/disease you can imagine. The perceived benefits reported most frequently to us relate to: reducing stress; sleeping better; high blood pressure normalizing or reduction; arthritis; skin problems of all kinds; burns (See the "60 Minutes" Investigation); sunburn and other burns; back pain and other back problems; PMS; ease of symptoms of menopause; acne; bronchitis, emphysema; asthma and other respiratory system problems; stomach ulcers and other digestive system problems; constipation; diarrhea; dry eyes; tearing eyes; low blood sugar; high blood sugar; etc., etc., etc.

Could this just be working in the people's heads?

Sure. A lot of things work that way. Frankly, if that's all it did for someone, most people wouldn't care if the problem was gone or greatly reduced they wouldn't care if it was "working in their head or not" as long as the problem was taken care of! However, there have been enough incidents of the product not working when the user was switched without knowing it to an imitation or diluted product, to make it seem that at least for those people it wasn't a case of a placebo effect. Again, remember the chickens we talked about? Nobody "looked those chickens in their eyes" and told them they'd feel calmer and be healthier with Willard Water in their water! And, plants and crops that react so favorably to it probably aren't told that, either! But, it could be a placebo effect on some people. . . if so, would they really care? (Particularly at the very low cost of real Willard Water.)

Is Willard Water safe?

Yes, Yes, Yes!! It has been analyzed and tested by reputable laboratories and has been classified as non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-carcinogenic, and causing no mutagenic activity within the framework of the Spot Test of Ames, McCann and Yamasaki (the standard). In layman's terms, this means that to the best of our present day knowledge, no harmful effects will be caused by the use of the Catalyst Altered Willard Water or its derived solutions. Furthermore, the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) tests the water at the manufacturing plant any time it wants to, and without notice beforehand, because it is aware that is consumed by humans and livestock. . . and is in the food chain when used on crops. The FDA has always found it to be harmless. Again, the FDA does not say it is effective for anything-- only that it won't hurt anything.

"60 Minutes" also had it tested in their investigation. Again, nothing harmful, so it comes down to whom you believe; independent laboratories, the U.S. Government or the highly acclaimed news program "60 Minutes". They all agree. Using Willard Water canít hurt you.

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