Kind Notes From Other Parents
who have tried Lice Rx before you
in the battle with the dreaded head lice.

NOTE: These are personal opinions only and do not constitute scientific proof
as to the effectiveness of Lice Rx. We provide these letters as they may be of interest
to those considering purchasing our product only.

We won't try to include all the nice letters we receive (in fact we stopped updating this file years ago), but these letters will give you an overview of what most everybody has been saying for years. Please excuse the length of this file. When you get tired of reading, hit return or "Ctrl+end" to go to the bottom of the page and follow the link of your choice. Thanks!

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February 2, 1998

After using your treatment, and by the way the vinegar on the combs worked wonderfully, she (her daughter) now has healthy looking skin again, and we don't go around scratching like dogs with fleas!

I can't say enough about what a Godsend it was to find your product.
I have been thrilled with the results. Thank you. Thank you.

Della Mitts
Baker City, OR

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"This is my second order as I am keeping a spare bottle on hand. Like many others I tried Nix for several months, and every 7 days I would see the lice. This (Lice Rx) worked great the first time without harmful chemicals. Thanks a bunch for a great product that won't hurt my daugher. She has very long hair which was difficult to treat".

Lisa Donlon - November 6, 1998

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"Mr. Cook:

Thank you SO MUCH for the silver - it arrived today. I so appreciate you sending the larger container. With my family it will be put to good use. I can't tell you how I appreciate your kindness, and yes, we will be long term customers. THANKS!"

Ruth Rael - December 2, 1998

(She is referring to colloidial silver which is another fine product we offer to our customers. Follow the Symbiotic Systems link for more information)

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This letter (a very long one edited down) speaks not only to the effectiveness of Lice Rx for head lice, but body lice as well. Note that Lice Rx is putting an end to a four year infestation!!! You could be next!

"Thank you for your product. My family (there are 6 of us), have suffered with this lice infestation for 4 years. ...the so called remedies available over-the-counter and prescription NEVER did what they were supposed to. I've spent hours "picking nits" and doing laundry. I know this seems hard to believe, but I have been fighting this war along time.

... Within hours after applying the Lice Rx to my daughter's hair, I could see dead lice and the nits were actually able to be removed at this point without the vinegar. The lice that were on our skin (facial and limbs), were easily removed with the loofah, dead.

At this point I can see light at the end of very long, long dark tunnel. Your product does work and it is FANTASTIC. Hopefully this will be my last order. I'm taking this bottle and brochure to my pharmacist.


Kathi and The Richardson Family, September 23, 1998

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"Thanks for the promptness in sending my order. It is really aprreciated when one tells you that it will be received on particular day and it is!

I would like to place another order with you for 6 bottles of Lice Rx. My children want to keep some on hand and give some to their friend who spoke to you the other day. So as soon as the "goodies" are at your door, please send them to my door" (We were sold out at the time).

Phyllis Smooker, September 11, 1998

A month or so later this kind note came from her kids.

Dear Mark,

When we first discovered our daughter had lice, little did we know what we were in for!

We tried the usual chemical products to no avail. This nightmare continued until a friend told us about LICE Rx. The situation is finally resolved.

This product is gentle on the hair, feels good, has a refreshing scent and most of all, it really works.

If only more people knew about this - we could win the "lice war"!

Thanks for giving us back our sanity.


Michael and Rachel Boyar Smookler

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"I wanted to let you know that this is the most effective product we have used on my granddaughter. We have sent a copy of your brochure to her school and we really hope that they pass the information on to the parents of the children that are being sent home due to this little bug problem. I am just stocking up in case we need it in the future (since school is just getting starting)".

Jo Ann Johnson - September 3, 1998

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"Just wanted you to know after two months trying everything we ever heard of and some things we had never heard of (mayonnaise & Tea Tree oil) the Lice Rx was a real miracle to us. Every week we cleaned the house from top to bottom, vacuuming everything, spraying all we could, put toys, dolls etc in plastic bags in the attic and nothing worked.

I am really telling everyone who cares to listen about Lice Rx. You have a great product. Also liked how the nits just seemed to die. They were much easier to comb out.

Thanks again."
Eileen Abernathy - April 12, 1998

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“We just wanted to thank you for sharing your product with us. We wrote to you over one month ago because we had tried many things, but could not get rid of the head lice that our daughter had picked up at a sleep over. We applied two treatments of your shampoo, and we have not found anything since. I am going to tell our local druggist and also our school nurse about your product. Thank you for offering a safe and effective product to use on our child's head. You helped put an end to a terrible two months.”

Tony & Donna Mau - February 13, 1998

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“This is my second order. Though I ordered three bottles, I need more to retreat, but that doesn't make me unhappy. You see, I have three daughters with very thick, very long hair. Before I ordered from you, I had actually begged them to let me cut it all off! We have been fighting this for what seems like months. (minor clip) The over-the-counter products were not working. My 13 year old has waist length hair, and so much of it. She had a major infestation. Before I started my search on the Internet and found you, I was planning on taking her to a doctor or ER because her head, neck, and ears were raw. I was afraid to try the over-the-counter products on her again. (minor clip) Hiding in her thick hair was 'thousands' of eggs. After using your treatment, and by the way the vinegar on the combs worked wonderfully, she now has healthy looking skin again, and we don't go around scratching like dogs with fleas!

I can't say enough about what a Godsend it was to find your product. The ingredients assured me it was safe, and I have been thrilled with the results.

Thank you. Thank you.”
Della Mitts, - Baker City, OR, February 3, 1998

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"Two weeks ago we found some more of the creepy critters on my daughter's head. My kids are exposed on an almost daily basis at school, so this was really no surprise. We have done the Nix, Pronto, Rid, the mega housecleaning, kind of getting to the desperation mode. Luckily, I did a search and found your website.

It has been almost two weeks and not another louse in the house! Yahoo! We applied the product as directed and she left it on all night. We do a nightly check of everyone to make sure there aren't any more, if any show up, we will just use Lice Rx!

My family is extremely satisfied with your product, and, like you claim, it not only kills the lice, but it makes the hair silky and makes the scalp heal and stop itching!


Terri Waldrop - May 26, 1998

An even better testimonial came as a result of my asking if I could use her letter in my promotions.


"You can use my letter for whatever you want to! If it inspires someone to try Lice Rx, great, they won't be dissatisfied!

I'll be keeping the address handy for reorders. We seem to be in a Lice Zone".

Terri - May 28, 1998

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Hi, Mr. Mark Cook: I want you to know that I purchased Lice Rx a while ago and that my daughter had excellent results with it. I was so happy to have found the natural method to eradicate the lice. Thank You!

Laura Durr, June 24, 1998

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The following letters from past customers illustrate the re-infestation problem when schools are recommending products that are no longer working and other families are not experiencing the same success as you are using Lice Rx. If Lice Rx didn't work, we would never get re-orders.
We get a lot.

These letters clearly show Lice Rx is a quality product worth buying again.

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“Your shampoo is the first thing that has worked! Now we found out that other family members have it unfortunately!”

Alexandra Hopkins (re-ordering four more bottles), North Hollywood, CA - January 18, 1998

“I would like four 8 oz. bottles of Lice Rx. My son got rid of lice with this shampoo, but now has them back.”

Alexandra Hopkins (re-ordering four more bottles), February 9, 1998

"We have them again!"

Alexandra Hopkins (reordering four more bottles), July 13, 1998

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This came in the mail reciently. As you can see, they are happy campers :)

Date: Sat, 25 Jul 1998 12:38:48 EDT
Subject: Trying to order Lice Rx

Help! I have been trying to order Lice Rx over the internet for several days. After doing an internet search, I was very impressed by your web site. My computer keeps showing "internal site problem" when trying to send my order, so I found one bottle at a shop from your list. It seemed to work, now I need another bottle for re-treatment. The shop has no more! Please e-mail me back and I will order over the phone if necessary. Thanks, this may end several months of frantic desperation!

If you are experiencing similar problems (we're heard this before), please call 208-788-2012 to place your order.

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We have used Lice Rx and really liked it. I have 3 children who have all had it. It seem to work when nothing else had. I found more newly hatched lice on one of my kids and another one starting to scratch again, and I ran out of the treatment. So I'm ordering more and hope I can get rid of it again really soon. We've been battling this since last fall, shortly after school started.

Kathryn Lane, June 1, 1998

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I have been using your product for the past week or so and it is the only thing that has worked. I tried all of the over-the-counter products and was still combing out live lice. There are five of us infected, me and my four children. I have literally spent hours and hours picking through hair and am having the hardest time with my middle daughter who has lots of fine, curly, red hair. I am purchasing more product to have on hand just in case I have to use the alternative method again.

Thank you for your wonderful product.

Laura Haines, August 6, 1998

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The common thread is that Lice Rx works
where other head lice products are failing.

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