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No more harmful poisons. No more head lice when you use Lice Rx. But don't take our word for it. Read the very nice endorsements Lice Rx has received from not just a school, but whole School Districts. It's important to note that endorsements are earned, not just meaningless sales hype.

However, it's also important to note that endorsements are personal opinions only
and do not constitute scientific proof as to the effectiveness of Lice Rx.
Therefore we do not update this file and provide these old letters only to show this product has been earning these endorsements at least since 1997 (about 5 years now).

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September 15, 1997

Dear Mark:

I am a school nurse and was faced with several children in my school who were having recurring episodes of head lice. The families were using over-the-counter medicated shampoos and rinses, were following house-cleaning guidelines, and were removing the nits, but the children were still infested - sometimes after three or four treatments. I heard of your product Lice Rx, and suggested they try this. They were pleased with the reasonable price, organic (non-toxic) nature and especially the results; the lice were gone.

Thank you. I will be suggesting your product again!


Teri Backstrom
Camas County School Nurse, ID

We received this note in September, two months later the following letter arrived.
Though not to be considered scientific proof LIce Rx works, the school felt confident enough to write a letter to us saying they recommend Lice Rx to all school districts.

November 13, 1997

Dear Mark:

I am writing to tell you what a relief it is to have your product “Lice Rx?available to our students and their families. Our schools did not have epidemic levels of head lice, but we were having recurrence of lice on children who have been treated two to three times. The students, parents, teachers and the school nurse were very frustrated with the fact that although the children and families were treating with very expensive medicated shampoos and conditioners and were following all the guidelines for decontaminating their homes, many were having recurrences for the third or fourth time. We heard of your product, “Lice Rx?and all the families tried it. There was complete elimination of the lice, even with what seemed to be resistant strains. The fact that “Lice Rx?is an herbal treatments is even more appealing.

I would like to recommend “Lice Rx?to all school districts that have students with head lice.


Dr. Gus Spiropulos
Superintendent, Camas County Schools Farifield, ID

As you can see, this school district has used our Lice Rx for at least three months with excellent success. We are extremely pleased they have chosen to write us about Lice Rx.

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We are pleased to present
another School District endorsment for Lice Rx!!

November 26, 1997

Dear Mark,

Our frustrated parents and teachers are now smiling! Lice Rx did all that it was advertised to do. We had been having problems with a particularly resistant strain of head lice. Even after proper treatment, the lice were still there. Since we started using Lice Rx, our head lice are rapidly disappearing.

I am very pleased with the results and will certainly recommend Lice Rx to all the other schools in our county.


Regina Bryant,RN
School Nurse
Southside School District
Batesville, AR

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Both schools have now written not once, but twice over a period of time.
It's not to be considered proof Lice Rx works, but something worked enough that schools were impressed enough to drop us a note. We think we could help you solve your head lice problem also.
If not, we'll refund your Lice Rx purchase price.

December 18, 1997

Dear Mark,

I am very, very pleased with your Lice Rx product! It really does all you claim it will and being non-toxic is such a big plus.

Just as an experiment, I placed live head lice on microscope slides and placed a drop of (a leading brand) on one, (a leading brand) on another, and Lice Rx on the last. The Lice Rx was the only one that worked to kill the lice. I followed the manufacturer’s directions for each product and left them on for the 10 minutes specified. Upon examining the slides, I found the lice to still be alive. I checked the Lice Rx specimen after two hours (half the specified time) and found the lice to be dead!

Thank you so much for your product and your great Web site. Keep up the good work.


Regina Bryant, RN
Southside School Nurse, AR

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This next one is not uncommon either.

Hi Mark:

Thank you for your concern for the client. It's rare.

Jason Reed

Click here to see another endorsement from Plumas Elementary School District in Marysville, CA which arrived September 3, 1998. Today it is September 2000. Years of success allows us to guarantee your success. We hope you'll choose to take us up on our guarantee.

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