Plumas Elementary
endorses Lice Rx to work
where other head lice treatments fail.

NOTE: This is a personal opinion only and does not constitute scientific proof
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September 3, 1998

Dear Mark:

I am writing this letter to let you know how much I, we, and all the students at Plumas Elementary School appreciate your product. We found ourselves at the beginning of the last school year with an epidemic of head lice. Nothing seemed to work. The over the counter medications did not even make the creatures slow down. I made it my personal quest to rid the school of this bug that refuses to move on. I along with a parent shampooed the children’s hair and to our amazement watched the adult louses laugh at us, even after the over the counter medication was on their heads for the prescribed time. It was at this time that I went to the Internet. Your product popped up and I was willing to try anything! Bottles (of Lice Rx) went home with my “problem” cases and we tracked those creatures making sure everyone was following the timeline. One case kept coming up with active lice. We were baffled. Why were these children still having active lice? A SOS went out to you and you quickly responded with a suggestion of application. It worked! What we found out was that after the application the girls did not like the oiliness and they washed their hair with dish detergent which removed the solution totally. Problem solved and I now keep a squirt bottle filled with Lice Rx and water which is sprayed and combed through their hair.

I am happy to say that we have had one case this new school year. Lice Rx went home (with the student) and directions are being followed.

I again would like to show my appreciation and support for Lice Rx. It is a wonder and we will be lost if we were not able to have it available for our students.


Dione Beilby, Superintendent/Principal
Plumas Elementary School District

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