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Synergy. That's what you call it when the whole effect is greater than the sum of its parts. Idaho Central Reservations (ICR) provides the framework for tourists to easily travel city to city through the State of Idaho. If these tourists are coming to your city, they will need transportation, accommodations, restaurants to eat at and stores to shop at. You can fill that need by advertising your business with Idaho Central Reservations. We provide you with a full, detailed, internet brochure which fully describes who you are, what you do and why people should purchase your product or use your services for only $15.00 per month. But Idaho Central Reservations is so much more than that. .

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Rats, I hate it when this happens.

Some benefits of advertising with Idaho Central Reservations in a nutshell.

Our focus is on attracting tourists to Idaho-- a $2 Billion dollar market. These tourists are potential customers who want to plan and dream of what to do before they get to your city. Your $15.00 listing with ICR helps them do that. When they walk through your door, they will be ready to buy (if they haven’t already!).

Experience. We are offering you a solution to getting found on the internet which right there sets us apart from the pack. Idaho Central Reservations is a blending of 18 years experience in the travel industry and five years experience in computer consulting. This experience is used to actively market your business both directly and indirectly. This is not a static site. Improvements happen daily.

The power of numbers. Even if you already have a web site, you know you are competing with millions of others for search results positioning. Visitors must find your business and that’s not easy in a sea of 40 million internet users. As a advertiser with ICR, every ICR page in our state-wide directory provide links which show up on search engines. Your exposure is multiplied by every single link. This is what synergy is all about. If one of these potential customers enters our directory from any ICR link anywhere in the State, they have a much higher chance of finding your business because they can easily navigate through our network city by city.

The most targeted market possible. Every visitor to our directory has actively searched out Idaho information or, and this is most important, entered the directory as a result of a search on a specific advertisers product (say "Willard Water" for example). Because "Good For You!" is a subscriber of ICR, people who haven’t even heard of Idaho will find links to your business. A huge advantage.

Free ongoing marketing. To help visitors find your business, we list your business with at least 20 search engines and directories at no additional cost. This is what will start to get your business found. We do this at no additional cost because your success is our success. The easier your company is found, the easier our whole directory will be found. This is the PRIME benefit to all our advertisers.

Every month we relist the whole ICR Directory with hundreds of search engines and directories (starting March 1st). You benefit again. Robots that follow links will catalog your business also at no additional expense.

We make it easy for you. We create a full 750 word descriptive brochure for your company in our clean, fast loading format. This includes three photos or other graphic. You supply the words. We do all the design and set up.

Secure payments over the internet. We now offer a secure server to accept payment over the internet (try it when you sign up). Not only will visitors be able to view your information, they can pay for it too. (Requires one time $25.00 set-up)

Low, low cost. We want every Idaho business to be able to afford a quality internet brochure in our directory. Our strength is in our numbers. A subscription to the Idaho Central Reservations directory costs only $15.00 per month. Try our “Six Month Special” for $144.00 including set up. We’re the best value on the internet.

Rats, I hate it when this happens.

Get started now. We bring you business from every direction. People who don't even know they want to visit your city (or Idaho) will find it easy to first, find your city without another search and second, find your business.

Whether you already have an web site or not, you can never get enough exposure to potential customers. We offer our advertisers maximum exposure at a cost everyone can afford.

No matter what you sell or provide you must attract customers in order to stay in business. Consider the costs of a first class mailing to 1,000 targeted potential customers. Envelopes, postage and printing totals 50 cents each times 1,000 households. $500.00. To be effective you should mail to them three times. Total: $1,500.00. Or you can place an add in newspapers or magazines. Anywhere between $50/month to thousands a month to reach a limited and possibly untargeted market.

Our market exposure is 40 million internet users and growing at 20 percent a month (Imagine what that mailing would cost). You can maximize your exposure to this market for just $144.00, 24 hours a day for six months on our trial subscription. Then it’s just $15.00 per month paid quarterly. We’re the best value on the internet.

Again, this is not hit and miss advertising. Every single visitor to-- "Idaho Central Reservations" has actively searched for Idaho information and is seeking to make reservations and plan their Idaho trip. Your detailed brochure listing with ICR will give them all the information they need to purchase your product or service. If these tourists are coming to your city, they will need transportation, accommodations, restaurants to eat at and stores to shop at. You can fill that need by advertising your business with Idaho Central Reservations and let the power of numbers start working for you.

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You have many choices where to spend your advertising dollar. This has been the nutshell version of why you should advertise your business on Idaho Central Reservations. We hope we’ve given you good reasons to list your business with our directory. Take advantage of our special. It won't last much longer. The special is designed to give you extra three months to evaluate our service without breaking your bank our ours. Typically, your site will be completed within three days of receiving your payment and copy/pictures. Design will not start until all materials have been received. We will advise you upon completion for your final proof and upload to the directory every Thursday night.

Please send payment by check and your printed information to:

Idaho Central Reservations
P.O. Box 1739
Hailey, ID 83333-1739
You may also fax your check and information to: (208) 788-2012.

If you would like to sign your company up or you have any questions or comments, please e-mail us. We hope to welcome you to the ICR Directory soon.

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Thank you for taking the time to read this. The sooner you subscribe, the sooner we can go to work promoting your business. We look forward to welcoming you to the ICR Directory. Subscribe today!

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